Professional At Home Teeth Whitening on a Budget

In my previous post, I mentioned that I would be writing a full review on the Smile Brilliant teeth whitening kit. Here goes. You might want to stay tuned until the end because there’s a giveaway!

Since getting my braces off in high school (so long ago), i’ve wanted to get professional whitening treatments. However, I never got around to it. Eventually, I settled for at home treatments, such as whitening tooth paste and whitening strips with little to no results. So you could imagine the excitement I experienced when I received the Smile Brilliant teeth whitening kit.

When I received the kit, it came with putty, plastic trays, whitening gel and desensitizing gel. Before I could begin the whitening process, I had to use the putty and the plastic trays to make dental impressions. This process was a bit difficult for me as you have to move quickly to avoid the putty hardening before you’re able to make the impressions. However, the instructions were very user friendly and Smile Brilliant provides extra putty in case you make a mistake.

After making my impressions, I sent them back to Smile Brilliant and received my personalized whitening trays within a few days. Now the process could begin!

Before beginning the whitening process, I would definitely recommend READING THE INSTRUCTIONS to ensure the best results. This simple two step process was extremely easy. Being that it’s summer, I spend a lot of time going out. So, I used this kit to whiten my teeth and prep for events.

I was actually able to see slight progress after one treatment. I did experience a little sensitivity at first, but it went away as my teeth got used to the process. If you’re like me and have sensitive teeth, I would recommend only doing your treatments for 30 minutes and using the desensitizing gel after.

Overall, I’m happy with my results. I definitely see a noticeable difference in my smile.

Want to try out a Smile Brilliant kit for yourself? You can win a $139 credit toward a Smile Brilliant kit by clicking here to enter my giveaway. This giveaway ends two weeks from today, and its open to all residents in the U.S., UK, Canada and Australia!


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